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Release e Fotos


Origem: Porto Alegre/RS/Brasil

Gênero: Música Brasileira e Fado

Atividade: 2008 - Presente

Selo: Loop Discos

A voice that lulls, enchants and appeases.


WIth a soft timbre, the 33 years old singer from the Soth of Brazil, Nani Medeiros, is showing her talent into the new Brazilian music scene with MPB to Fado’s influences.


Nani has been in the musical carrier for 11 years ago and had already sang with the Latin legend Fito Paes as well as interpreted famous Brazilian artists such as Elis Regina and Lupicínio Rodrigues.


In 2015, the singer started a new trajectory as interpreter debuting authorial music.


With recognized partners she launched her first homonym EP.


It has two unreleased compositions: “Valentia”, from Mathias Pinto and Alexandre Susin and “Amor Magoado”, a bossa nova from Mathias Pinto, with a mix intervention of the musician and producer Rafael Chaves. “Valentia” e “Amor Magoado” denotes the two sides of Nani’s Brazilianness.


While the first is an ode to Clara Nunes, Baden Powell and afro-sambas, the second is an invitation where Bossa and electronic music appears as old as black beans and rice are.


Her first EP was mixed at Loop Reclame in Brazil and mastered at Metropolis in London.

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